Business Portraits Information / F.A.Q.

This Information will not be complete. Nevertheless, I would like to try to answer some frequently asked questions here. Please contact me if your question is not in between or if you want to discuss your project or idea with me.

business portraits

I freeze when a camera is pointed at me. What can you do about that?

Comfort you, I hear this almost every day and you are really not alone with your fear of cameras.
When you come to my studio for a session, everything is prepared and I make sure that the technique does not distract from what it is all about. Making a portrait that does justice to your personality and has the appearance that you intend for your professional goals. It takes some time and trust on your part, but I dare say that everyone eventually manages to forget the camera during a session.

Can you give clothing advice?

It is impossible to give clothing or styling advice without knowing you. You might consider what suits your profession and function and whether or not you want to conform to it. It never hurts to have some extra clothes with you. We can then quickly see what works and suits you best.

Can you also photoshop me?

This is also a frequently asked question. The answer is yes, I can. I can make you 20 years younger, get rid of all wrinkles and give you smooth skin and tight jawline. I can put you on a tropical island or on the moon. The possibilities are virtually limitless. I usually keep it simple with the removal of some cosmetic inconveniences and I prefer to stick to a natural-looking portrait, including the imperfections that in fact make us unique.

How long do you need to finish my portraits?

It can be done very quickly. If necessary, you could wait for it, but I’d rather take it easy afterwards. It can always be done within 48 hours.

When can I schedule a session

The work does not always come in regularly and it can be very busy, but it must go crazy if we cannot find a moment within a week.

How many people can you portrait in our office in half a day?

That depends very much on the requirements you set for the portraits and how much time you can and want to make. I find about 10 minutes per person ideal. In most cases, that is enough to achieve a relaxed portrait. Taking into account what time it takes to set up the mobile studio, this means ± 20 people per half day or 50 per day.

How big should the space for your mobile studio be?

I can adapt my working method to the circumstances, but ideal is a free floor space of ​​± 4 x 6 meters with a height of 3 meters. A meeting room is usually perfectly usable. The light present is not important. I create that myself with my mobile studio flashes.

Do you also do other things?

Yes, on my personal site you can see what else I do and my free / autonomous work also has a place there.